The melody of Memphis rests in Elmwood Cemetery.  image

The melody of Memphis rests in Elmwood Cemetery.

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This year, we celebrate 170 years of celebrating Memphis.

That may seem like an unusual claim for a cemetery, but the lives lived and noted here since 1852 are the lives that built this city. They are both the best and worst of us, and in-between. The most talented and memorable, and the most basic and simple, and the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of one of America’s most colorful and storied cities.

Memphis is named in more songs than any city in the world.

We celebrate the lives that made Memphis a song worth mentioning, worth remembering. We celebrate all. We celebrate each and every.

The 80,000 buried here have made Elmwood the song of a city, their lives the lyrics, their ups and downs the melody, the steady beat of all that surrounds them, and all yet to come.

We’ve had to fix our cottage leaks, the only Carpenter Gothic building in Memphis, and rebuild its porches, paint its walls, and give it the love it deserves. It deserves yet more. As our traffic has increased, we’ve repaired and repaved the most broken of our many winding roads and paths, and we have more to do. Your donation can help.

In our history, we sing.

We’ve had to repair water damage in our Lord’s Chapel and make plans for a new sound system. We’ve expanded our cradle gardening to restore and honor some of our oldest resting places. We continually meet the challenges of wind and storm in an ancient forest. Your donation can help.

In our services, meetings, and programs, in the wind through our canopy, and in the immense still of our afternoons, we sing.

We continue to showcase the lives here with established presentations and more and more new tours and offerings, so much so that we’ve acquired property in front of the cemetery on Dudley to provide secure parking, property that must now be improved. Your donation can help.

In our expanded hospitality and in consideration of those here and those visiting, we sing.

Our volunteers and staff are your hosts, your backstage crew, your orchestra, and conductor for the outdoor concert that is Elmwood, a concert that plays 365 days a year to thousands of visitors, to one family member visiting one grave and every memory of who’s buried there. Your donation can help.

We sing. For a city.

At Elmwood, you can close your eyes and even in the quiet you can hear 170 years. You can open your eyes and see the score of history. Your gift is the applause that supports it all.

Please rise to the occasion and donate to Elmwood.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. We celebrate you.