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Love. Give. Support Elmwood Cemetery.

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Elmwood Cemetery is like nothing else in Memphis. Filled with love, it's a place that calms your soul as soon as you enter. Heart-achingly beautiful monuments fill the landscape. Once you drive over our bridge and into the cemetery, somehow, your perception changes. Your world becomes quieter, and you find awe in the massive shade trees that beckon you to sit beneath and think of lives lived, lost, and yours. Your life.

Why is it important that we care for places like this?

Elmwood Cemetery is a repository of our stories. Here lies Edward Hull "Boss" Crump, four-time Memphis mayor and the man who ran Tennessee State politics for decades. Here: Annie Cook, the most successful madam of our city's history who died when she selflessly turned her brothel into a yellow fever hosptial in 1878. And another: Civil Rights leader, former Executive Director of the NAACP, and Presidential Medal of Honor Award Winner, the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks.

The list of notables goes on and on.

So, why is it important to care about Elmwood Cemetery?

Because without it, we would lose our stories and our touchstones. Our heroes and our villians would vanish.

Elmwood Cemetery requires your help. Our work is year-round, with every season bringing unique challenges. Your donations keep up historic Elmwood Cemetery.

For the families that grieve their lost loved ones, for the students of history who explore the stories of those at rest, for the artists inspired by the soaring obelisks and watchful angels, for the ancient trees shading our quiet spaces - your donations help us to care for all of these.

Please donate what you can today. If you prefer, you can set up monthly, recurring donations. Every cent that you donate supports this storied, sacred place. Please give what you can and keep Elmwood Cemetery beautiful.

Thank you for your support of Elmwood Cemetery.