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Help Elmwood Cemetery get its records online.

Protect history with a donation today!

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You can protect history for future generations.

For 168 years, Elmwood Cemetery has maintained a rich collection of information found in precious, antique books. The lot books, the daily burial records, and even the ancient maps and more modern file folders all contain a genealogical library filled with important family information, available to the public.

Last year, we realized that, although these hundreds of thousands of records are kept in an archival vault, the original papers will deteriorate over time. They needed to be scanned, and then made available to the public on the internet.

The Community Foundation of Memphis has awarded a nonprofit capacity building grant to Elmwood Cemetery, generously funding half of the needed $43,000 to begin the project. Several private donors have stepped up and provided additional funding. Now we are asking the greater Elmwood and Memphis communities for the final funding to preserve the 170-year old records for future generations. We're down to the last push, and we need your help to preserve the rich history of Elmwood.

Donate today, friends. The cemetery records that we keep and protect deserve to be preserved online. You have the opportunity to take Elmwood from the 19th to the 21st century. Donate today and keep Memphis history safe for today and future generations!