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Give so that the past is never forgotten.

Look forward and support Elmwood Cemetery.

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The history of Memphis is found at rest in Elmwood Cemetery. Eighty thousand individuals, each with a unique Memphis story, each a part of a family, each a member of our society. Every person contributed to the greater story of Memphis that we experience today.

From the Civil War to Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage and liberation, business leaders and inventors, politicians, poets, religious leaders, musicians, and more. No other place in Memphis tells the story of who we are better than historic Elmwood Cemetery.

The majestic cemetery grounds, founded and cared for since 1852, require constant attention and decicated care. Trees are taken down, and new ones are planted. Cemetery roads, first put in for carriages, are re-paved, fences are fixed, and more.

It requires your help. Your donations keep Elmwood Cemetery the beauty that it is. For the families that grieve their lost loved ones, for the students of history who explore the stories of those at rest, for the artists inspired by the soaring obelisks and watchful angels, for the ancient trees shading our quiet spaces - your donations help us to care for all of these.

Please donate what you can today. If you prefer, you can set up monthly, recurring donations. Every cent that you donate supports this storied, sacred place. Please give what you can and keep Elmwood Cemetery beautiful.

Thank you for your support of Elmwood Cemetery.