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Donate and preserve Elmwood's history.

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Support your historic cemetery!

Elmwood Cemetery is filled with history. Stories. People whose lives were filled with happiness, sorrow, and everyday magic, just like yours. These are lives with stories that inform the past and help us make decisions to guide our future.

It's what drove us to create a series of stories on video, emailed to you.

We can learn from our shared history, but first it must be preserved, and in order to do that, the cemetery staff needs your help. Donations to Elmwood make grounds improvements and maintenance possible, as well as monument cleaning, repair, and preservation. Trees are limbed, removed, and planted, all because you support what we do.

Memphis is a great city because of its people, and the same is said for Elmwood Cemetery. Please donate today with a one-time gift, or set up recurring monthly donations, in whatever amount you can afford. Your gift will make a great impact on our mission to protect and preserve this sacred place where 80,000 of our neighbors are at rest.

Elmwood is your cemetery, Memphis. Donate today. Thank you!